5 Ways To Style Your Handbag

5 Ways To Style Your Handbag

Your handbag says a whole lot about you and your personality more than you know. It is not just an accessory you wear to bring personal stuff with you easier and far more comfortable. It can be a fashion statement; it can be a mirror to your own self-personality, it can be a part of you. At first, you’d think that those statements sound ridiculous and over the top, but ask a few women out there and they will tell you that I can’t be even truer.

While most women may want their handbags to look as natural as can be and do not wish it customized any other way, some still want to express themselves even further. Even subtle changes such as replacing the bag’s strap and adding a bit more color can go a long way to styling or personalizing your handbags. It will not just look extremely great; you can also express yourself by doing so. With that said, here are five ways on how you can add your very own style to your handbags.

1. Replace your bag’s strap with something that says “you”

Unclip the existing strap, or just tuck it down inside the bag itself, then knot a ribbon or anything you want to whatever hardware is attached to the bag. This will now serve as your new strap. A feminine ribbon is our best bet to do just this. Trim the excess ribbon and paint a thin strip of superglue along the edge of it, paint it, customize it, and attach it to a scrap cardboard.


2. Wrap The Handles With A Scarf. Painted Or Printed

If you do not wish to replace the bag strap, you may other wisely just add some to it to make it feel more alive. Use a scarf to cover up or change the bland colors of your handbag. Knot the corner of your scarf to the base of the handle to secure it and just start wrapping it all around the strap. In that way, you can now have a handle strap that screams your favorite colors or patterns.

3. Tie A Bandana On The Bag To Make It Feel More Alive

One look at a handbag well suited by a bandana may sway you already to trying it out for yourself. It just looks so cute yet still so elegant. What’s more? It literally cannot be done any easier. All you have to do is to tie in whatever colored bandana you may want into whichever part of the bag you want it to be. Expect a great looking bag afterwards!


4. If You Are A Rock And Roll Fan, Use Your Guitar Strap Instead

Maybe you don’t want to be too girly; maybe the bandana is not just your style. Then go for your trusty guitar strap instead! Sew the strap in place or, if you’re looking for something a little less permanent, attach it with carabiners, key rings, or whatever else you like the look of. This style decision is good for larger bags and will certainly make you look like a rock star.

5. If You Feel Creative, Then Draw On It Yourself

Sometimes, it is just as easy as design it by yourself. If you feel confident that you can customize your own bag with your own creativity, then why not go for it. Get your trusty sharpie, ink, or paint, and get to designing. Your plain looking handbag will certainly represent you now if you do, and I bet you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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