Letter to our Customers

Letter to our Customers

When the World Heath Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, life as we knew it was changed dramatically. The normal functioning of businesses, industries, manufacturers, medical care facilities, learning institutions, national defense, individuals and the list goes on….were beginning to experience rapid change and disruption in their normal functions.  This has continued to this date. The economic impact to businesses and consumers globally is unprecedented. We The London Clothing Company has also been no exception to this economic global crisis.

The race for a vaccine to end the global Covid-19 pandemic are months away. We must hope for a vaccine at the end of the year. However, unprecedented speed risk taking shortcuts, on safety and effectiveness. Therefore the prevention of a second wave of the disease must be prevented. It is the responsibility of every human being to follow the rules of the law and proper guidelines towards your health and safety.

With diversity being a positive option, and a innate solution to be instrumental in part of the safety process to our public, we have introduced our newest PPE products to you. As we move closer towards the time when free movement is no longer under lockdown or quarantined and it is safe to reopen the malls and retail shopping is accessible to all, we will remain dedicated in bringing our PPE products  safely to you. These products will be delivered to you by our national couriers, TTPOST. So, there’s no need for you to leave your safe homes. Stay put, we’ll get these essential supplies to you. Let’s be responsible together! Thank you for visiting.

Stay Home  Stay Safe

“We’ve Got You Covered”

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