What does your Handbag say about you?

What does your Handbag say about you?

They say that you can tell a lot about a person from the way they carry themselves. From the clothes they wear, the accessories they put on, and to the bags, they have with them. And the truth does not go far from that sentiment. As much as how you can quickly tell that a person is confident with the skimpy shorts or tank tops they wear, you can swiftly know a lot about a stranger with the handbags they carry. Hard to believe, definitely, but studies have shown that you can indeed find out several things about a woman’s personality and traits just by figuring out the handbags they will sport on their next trip out. We have compiled some of them:

Handbag Styles

Under the shoulder bags

Small and fit tightly underneath the carrier’s shoulder, this type of bag indicates class and sophistication. Just like how you see the rich and famous on movies always sporting this kind of handbag, reality dictates the same.

Big and Bulky

Large, bulky, and oversized bags are casual, as it is often defined. They are associated synonymously with younger women, as this type of handbag can carry a whole lot number of things inside such as school supplies and papers.


Designer bags cost a whole lot of fortune. You may even have to trade your arm and leg to get your hands to one of this, and that is why it is usually associated with high maintenance females. The rich and the upper class, females who are ahead of the social status and ultra-confident will settle nothing more than an authentic designer bag.

Cigar Box Purses

A woman who carries a cigar box purse is a unique individual and will always stand out from the crowd. These women have a mind different from the norm, and you absolutely cannot dictate what they should be doing or not. When you see someone sporting this handbag, expect someone extraordinarily independent and confident in doing their own unique thing.

Leather with buckles and zippers

Women who have themselves a leather purse with lots of buckles and zippers on their private closets have a dark and wild side. The bad girls, the Goths, the rebels, these women tend to act before even thinking about the consequences of their actions and are always up for a memorable good time anywhere.

Handbag Colors

Bright Colors (pink, purple, green, blue, red)

Jolly women often carry colorful colored handbags. Expect them to be very friendly, endlessly fun, and approachable. Women who are outgoing and likes to socialize will tend to choose bright colors as they will not intimidate others. So guys out there, next time you go to a bar, scour the place for women who have colorful colored bags. They are the ones who are looking for someone to talk with.

Black and Brown

Women who choose to sport the black and brown handbags often lean towards the reserved and restricted type. These types of handbag associates with an extremely humble woman who at first are very shy but will open up with the days after. They tend to exude shy confidence, which is sometimes mistaken as someone who thinks they are far better than the rest.

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